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Prototype for a 3D roguelike where the dungeon is generated from a large amount of prebuilt tiles.

Templo.zip ↓


Walk: WASD
Jump: Spacebar
Attack: LMB
Boost: RMB
Cheat: J
Menu: P

About Templo

Read my interview about this project here!

A small game prototype I made for #blocktober 2017. For one month I challenged myself to build one dungeon room every day and posted a turntable animation to twitter. This was a lot of fun, especially compared to normal game design processes that take a long time to produce something presentable to the public.

I had the level generation mostly figured out before I started, but I really wanted to release something playable at the end of the month. I worked on little game systems whenever I had time free from school and slowly but surely everything came together. Two days before the end of the October, however, the project game to a grinding halt when I basically broke the project with UE4 giving me blank error boxes and empty logs. I had to rebuild large parts of the project on the very last day, leaving little to no time for polish or debugging. My schoolwork was building up, so I decided to just release the project as is. Maybe I will revisit the project again in the future.

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