I'm looking for a level design internship at a AAA studio.

My name is Jasper Oprel. I've studied Architecture at the TU Delft for three years before I decided I wanted to be making games instead. Right now I'm in my second year of the course Game Design at the HKU and I'm looking for an internship in level design.

This combination of education enables me to design interesting spaces that accomodate a a large variety of gameplay. As an architecture student I studied the fundamentals of space. How to delineate an area, what are the emotional effects of certain rooms, how to create a sense of scale, how to break expectations. At the same time I was working as the graphic designer for a large arthouse cinema that allowed me to experiment with composition in their brochures. Upon starting at the HKU I started to apply this design knowledge to games and started working on my skills as an interaction designer. I started making spaces for people to follow narratives and express themselves in.

At both the HKU and the TU Delft I have almost always taken up the role of project lead, sharpening my communication and management skills in the process. I feel like I can confidently and clearly explain my concepts to other people in my team.

The past two years I have made a lot of different indie games, both alone and in teams. Most of my personal games stimulate the player to explore, focusing on the spaces that can make this happen. In both 2017 and 2018 I took part in #blocktober in which I made a level design every day and posted them to my twitter. My most recent project, Koo-Koo, was invited to be showcased as part of alt.ctrl at GDC 2019.

I believe that I would be an asset to design teams of any size. An internship with a larger company would give opportunity to accelerate my learning of level design for video games and get a clearer image of working in AAA as a whole.

Most of my work is done with the following programs:
Unity, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Indesign/Illustrator, Aseprite

But I'm also experienced in:
Adobe Photoshop/Premiere, Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk AutoCAD/Revit, Rhino + Grasshopper, Blender, Arduino

I can code in C#, Perl, Python, LUA, HTML, CSS and Javascript

I have a lot of experience using git and participating in agile work environments.

contact: jasper@oprel.work