board game | 2-4 players

A card game where people compete in the art of shape making.


A turn goes like this, every action is mandatory: Move Pawn › Place Cards › Take Sets › Draw Cards

Move your pawn card in a straight line as far as you want. If you land on top of a shape card, put it in your hand. You can jump over other pawn cards, but not land on top of them. Place as many shape cards of the same colour as you want. You have to place at least one card. Cards with a solid background can be placed on other shape cards. Put the old card in your hand. If you have made the figure shown on the cards with only cards of that type you have completed a set! Take the set and put it in front of you. But beware: you have to give one set card to every player that was directly next to one of the set cards. If you have less than 5 cards in your hand, draw cards from the pile until you do.

  • If the board is completely filled with cards, take all the shape cards on the board and shuffle them into the draw pile.
  • The game ends immediately when the draw pile is empty and a player has placed the last card in their hand.

At the end of the game the player with the most cards in front of them wins. Enjoy!


Download the PDF's below and print them out! Cut out the cards and put them in card sleeves. PDF's available in A4 and SRA3 size.