This Game won the Best Prize (collaborative) at the Global Applied Game Jam 2019.


A game about eating dinner together. Cooperative board game with a twist of hidden information/betrayal. Was put together during the Global Applied Game Jam at POSTECH University. Our team was comprised of three people from different parts of South Korea, one Chinese girl and me, the Dutch guy. Working together with such a diverse team proved to be an unique challenge.

At the beginning of the jam a small fight broke out because of a misunderstanding, but because of cultural differences many more things were misunderstood and arguements became super heated and for one person even ended in tears. Soon the misunderstanding was cleared up, but the team felt shattered. However, the learning process that followed afterwards was incredible. We had many patient and thorough conversations about ourselves, which naturally flowed into what we wanted to do with the game. Navigating conversations still had its difficulties, but I felt the team slowly growing together again. We found room for tasks to be delegated and to ask each other for expertise.

At the end of the game jam we had built a quite enjoyable game, but I felt more pride in the fact that all teammembers ended up trusting one another and were able to work together pleasantly and efficiently.


  • Clare Lee Yoojeong
  • Fu Cong
  • Sukjun (Johnny) Park
  • Lie Yoojeong
  • Jasper Oprel