A list of smaller technological projects

Emanon Textboard Software (2014-now)


This software is active on two textboards that I have been running for a couple of years now.

Handheld Game Console (2018)

An Arduino with a dot-matrix screen generates mazes for the player to solve. Any NFC card with data on it can also be used to seed the maze generation.

This project on Instructables.

RFID Maze Game

RFID Maze Game

Minecraft Server (2017-now)

Just a simple self-hosted minecraft server. Friends are welcome to message me for the server address!

I also wrote some software to support the server:

  • A Minecraft plugin that allows player to change their name color and automatically shows if they are afk.
  • A Discord bot that shows the server occupancy, changes people's discord names to match their color and can talk to people.

Self-portrait (2017)

Trained a Tensorflow neural network on hundreds of pictures of myself and then input drawings of my face to see if I would get semi-accurate results.

alt : /user/pages/05.portfolio/small-projects/selfportrait.pdf

Super Mario 64 Romhack (2016)

It's exactly like SM64, but Mario loudly says 'OH MY GOD' when he dies. Super Mario 64 [OH MY GOD](U) [!].z64.rom.zip