October of 2017 saw the introduction of the idea of a #blocktober. Originally coined by Michael Barclay as a way to celebrate the creativity of level and game designers the world over, it was an opportunity for people to share greyboxes and blockouts of the levels they had designed. Seeing as this idea was partly inspired by Inktober, a challenge in which artists draw a new piece with ink for all the days of October, I wanted to start a project that involved a little level design task for every day of the month.

Templo was me building tiles for a first-person shooter roguelike for every day of the month and building the level generator that would work with these tiles on the side. I shared a turntable animation of the tiles every day and it all came together in a little proof of concept at the end of the month. The resulting game is really barebones, but it's fun to walk around in!

The Pieces

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Read a short interview I gave about this project here:



  • Walk: WASD
  • Potion:E
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Attack: LMB
  • Boost: RMB
  • Cheat: J
  • Menu: P