I design levels for exploration and emergent gameplay. My specialization is in procedural level generation.

About me

I've had a love for spaces and spatial design ever since I was a small child. Of the friends I had in elementary school I can remember almost all of their home layouts, while I have already forgotten a couple of their names. As a student I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the TU Delft school of Architecture, where I thrived among like-minded peers and professors. The only problem was that I felt too limited by the specific constraints that building real buildings brought. I wanted to design for public spaces that had a much wider range of emotions they could invoke. I wanted to design for the other constant in my life, video games.

I switched to the study of Game Design at the HKU, which I'm currently finishing.

Examples of Architecture Work


I have written a document that outlines the process I go through when designing a level: leveldesignprocessWIP.pdf